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    Business Strategy
    & Vision

    It all begins with the right vision and a winning strategy...
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  • Customization

    We value and respect that you are unique and that your advertising campaign must be customized to achieve your revenue goals. Read more

  • Creative, Design

    We do cool stuff and develop all of your campaign creative design and online content specific for your product, customer base and market. Read more

  • Integrated Platforms, Channels & Technologies

    This is where we shine. Our team ensures the needed infrastructure and delivery strategy is not only in place, but is integrated with your resources. Read more

  • Monetization, Analytics, Optimization & Performance

    We understand the data—how to get it, where to get it, what it means, what to focus on and what to do about it. Read more

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    Since we're selective and exclusive with our partnerships, we can provide 24/7 realtime support, which is well beyond what others attemt to offer. Read more.


  • 1k+

    Consistently delivers thousands of new customers every day to our advertisers.

  • Tier 1 online distribution in 30 different countries across 5 continents.

  • 1Billion

    Our campaigns receive more than a billion impressions each month.

  • Ads Direct Media controls access to the most scalable media placements in the world..

  • New Product Strategy Reaps Huge Rewards

    A wellness & fitness company in South America had been unsuccessful in developing effective campaigns that produced consistent, profitable volume. The company was attempting to do it all on its own and ... 

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  • Generating Revenue Beyond Expectations

    After years of running online campaigns using a handful of traditional affiliate networks, a health & wellness
    supplements company in Europe thought it had maxed out its revenue potential. It thought wrong.

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  • Exceptional Campaign Built from the Ground Up

    A US-based company in the health & beauty sector was preparing to launch an exciting product into several new
    verticals. The only problem—they didn’t know where to begin. That’s where Ads Direct Media came into the picture.

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Ads Direct Media is the only full service Internet advertising agency delivering performance-based campaigns across premium media on a global scale. With its international market reach and expertise, the agency has developed the most comprehensive suite of advertising campaign services that deliver thousands of new customers daily to a diverse portfolio of advertising clients across tier 1 media. Ads Direct Media’s team of strategists, marketers, creative talent and technologists invests heavily in every aspect of the advertising campaign and works on a 100 percent performance basis.

The agency specializes in health, beauty and wellness products; unique, novelty and specialty items; and discount retail & promotional offerings. And above all, we value the following:

  • Partnerships

    We value the partnerships we selectively develop with premium advertisers and tier media—we don’t take these relationships for granted.

  • Reputation

    We value the stellar reputation we’ve earned—a reputation driven by uncompromising professional integrity, best-in-class strategies and services, and campaign successes.

  • Team

    We value our team members—we provide them with a professional environment that nurtures and rewards strategic thinking, creative approaches and leadership skills.

  • Results

    We value results—it’s what drives us. We’re the only full service Internet advertising agency delivering 100% performance-based campaigns for a reason. It’s a matter of having the right people, technologies and strategies in place. And we do.


Nate Poupko President and CEO

A life-long entrepreneur and e-commerce visionary, Nate serves as president and CEO of Ads Direct Media.  Thanks to his strategic vision, sharp business sense and pioneering spirit, he uncovered an opportunity in the market and launched the company -- the industry’s only full service Internet advertising agency delivering performance based campaigns across tier 1 media on a global scale. His strategy of placing value on “relationship quality over quantity” quickly propelled the company into the dominant agency within the industry by producing outstanding results for its clients. A testament to this success, the company has earned recognition on the Inc 5000.

Nate thoroughly understands the online marketing and advertising industry on a global level. From market-to-market consumer buying habits and motivations to the latest new technologies, platforms and systems, he has his finger on the pulse of the online commerce frontier. It’s this depth of knowledge and foresight that led him to break away from the old “affiliate network” model and way of thinking to deliver a new, performance-based game-changing approach.

He has been involved in all facets of e-commerce, from media buying to running affiliate programs, and all levels of traffic including search, display and mobile.  Never one to rest on his successes, Nate continues to develop international growth strategies; reinvest in talent, services and technology; and expand Ads Direct Media’s ability to monetize traffic.

His experience and expertise reaches across a broad range of industry verticals. During his career, Nate has launched several fast-growing companies and web platforms, assembled successful marketing teams, and devised forward-thinking business strategies that have produced extraordinary revenue growth and high volume campaigns for clients.

Most recently, Nate created Z Lifestyle, a digital media company that in a very short time has already built one of the fastest growing health and wellness platforms in the industry. Its first consumer site, worldlifestyle.com, is more than doubling its audience month over month.


Jesse Lo Ré COO & SVP of Business Development

Jesse is an experienced and highly talented interactive marketing executive with deep expertise spanning online advertising strategy, business development, leadership, M&A, operations and technology. He has provided the vision, direction and traffic strategy for a myriad of market leading campaigns across numerous international markets and diverse industry verticals.

During an exceptional career spanning more than two decades, Jesse has served in a number of executive leadership positions with interactive marketing organizations, including Managing Director & Senior Client Partner at Xcelerate (now Razorfish), where he led multi-million engagements of well-known, global Fortune 1000 clients. He also served as Executive Vice President of Interactive Strategy with Five Data, where he set the vision and tone for the organization’s business development, client services and growth strategies, and Chief Operating Officer at Vayan Marketing Group, where he successfully defined the Internet marketing vision, managed the global web traffic operation, and was responsible for the entire P&L of the company’s interactive division.

A forward thinking strategist and effective team builder, Jesse has a track record of success that crosses over search, social, display and email channels.  His experiences include C-level leadership, executive management, consulting and enterprise project guidance. During his career, he has provided expert direction for achieving operational excellence, start-up evolution and technology integration. He earned an MBA in marketing and master of science in information systems from the University of Miami as well as a bachelor of science in finance and economics from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.


Brian Pirocchi Director, Creative

Brian is an internationally recognized creative director and graphic designer who has produced industry-leading advertising campaigns in every major marketplace throughout the world. With a sharp focus on the user experience, he creates clean, effective designs and compelling content with strategic purpose—to evoke an emotional connection, motivate action and stimulate a response. It’s the approach he’s used during his decade-plus career designing exceptional online campaigns in the global marketplace.

An energetic and business-savvy creative professional, Brian has extensive experience developing integrated marketing programs, corporate sponsorship packages, and social media-driven campaigns with worldwide reach. He is adept at identifying creative strategies that support business growth, integrate seamlessly with interactive and direct marketing campaigns, and align with client objectives and resources. His expertise also includes email marketing, online advertising, corporate and product branding, and digital affiliate and web marketing.

His professional experience includes serving in director-level positions with WorldLifestyle, a leading one-stop resource for exclusive, engaging health, beauty, fitness and wellness content from around the world, Jumbleberry Performance Group, a developer of ad campaigns for brands and advertisers across display and social properties, and Performance Publications Group, a publisher of digital and traditional media.


Cynthia Gomez Controller

A highly accomplished accounting and finance professional, Cynthia has amassed an excellent track record of initiating strategies that maximize business processes. During a career spanning more than a decade, she has developed progressive management protocols, effective communication practices, and innovative solutions to help companies improve their overall financial picture.

Cynthia has provided executive-level direction and led the accounting (US GAAP), financial planning and analysis, and reporting efforts for companies in the Internet marketing, investment banking, lending and capital industries. Her efforts have led to improvements to P&L, cost avoidance, budgeting and forecasting, internal controls and analysis.

Prior to joining Ads Media Direct, Cynthia served in lead roles at Selling Source, a multi-location internet marketing company, Private Capital Resource Group, a provider of mergers and acquisition services to privately held companies, Midcoast Financial, an investment-banking firm, and Ameri-Cap Mortgage Group, a mortgage lending firm. Fluent in Spanish and English, Cynthia earned a bachelor in business administration with a major in accounting from Florida Atlantic University.


Ken Narvios Director, Optimization

Ken has dedicated his career to understanding, delivering and enhancing optimization solutions for companies engaged in digital marketing campaigns. A pioneer in this data-centric business discipline, Ken is an expert in understanding and interpreting analytics and establishing new best practices for his clients.

He has spearheaded the optimization efforts for companies in a variety of industry sectors, including health & wellness, beauty, education, home services, mobile entertainment, and financial services. His expertise includes web analytics, conversion rate optimization, user experience, A/B & multivariate testing, online lead generation, product management, mobile marketing, SEM and direct response marketing campaigns.

During a career highlighted by numerous campaign successes and professional achievements, Ken has served in leadership positions and provided optimization and ad campaign guidance for a number of organizations including WorldLifestyle, a leading one-stop destination site for exclusive, engaging health, beauty, fitness and wellness content; SendMe Mobile, a provider of direct-to-consumer mobile content and entertainment; LowerMyBIlls/Classes USA, online lead-generation and media companies; and QuinStreet, a full-service digital direct marketing services and technology company. He earned his business degree at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.


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